March 24, 2018

More Demonstrator Perks

There are lots of things I love about being a demonstrator -- one of my favorites is our *fabulous* demonstrator rewards!

If you are new to my team, this blog post is for YOU, to shed some light on an awesome perk that's just for NEW demonstrators! It's called Quick Start and it's a special incentive with two goals during your first few months as a demonstrator.

How would you like to get free Stampin Up product, free Visa gift cards, free logo merchandise, free business supplies, free vacation trips...? Here's how:

The first goal is to buy/sell $900 within your first full three months. (Any sales you make in your first partial month will also be applied to your sales goal for Quick Start.) If you buy/sell $900 all in one month or at one event, that still qualifies!

How? It may help to break it down into monthly goals of $300. Your own purchases count towards this total, as well as any orders you collect from others. (Did you know? Average sales at an event are about $300, so you could also look at it as three events! An event can be as simple as having friends over to stamp with you!)

When you complete this challenge, you earn 5,000 flex points, which can be redeemed for Stampin Up product, Visa gift cards, logo merchandise, business supplies, vacation trips, and more! To see all the selections, log in to your demo site, click Ordering, then click My Flex Account.

The next goal is to buy/sell $1,800 within your first full six months. When you reach this milestone you will receive 10,000 flex points. No need to wait for 6 months - you will achieve this as soon as you buy/sell $1800 - even if it's all in your first month!

You don’t have to achieve the 3-month goal to reach the 6-month goal, and if you achieve both, you will receive both rewards - a total of 15,000 flex points!

Quick Start begins on the first day of the month after the month you officially became a demonstrator, and ends on the last day of the sixth full month. Here is a chart showing when you need to meet the requirements based on the month that you signed up to be a demonstrator.


There's lots of free training and other info that can be found on your demonstrator website in a place called the Stampin’ University. And of course, I'm always here to help however I can! I'd be happy to co-host an event with you to help you learn what to do.

Being a demonstrator isn't just fun -- it's also very rewarding! Achieving Quick Start is a fantastic way to earn lots of free goodies or get off to a great start if you'd like to pursue this business. I hope you will set some goals for yourself and take advantage of all this company has to offer!

Happy creating!
Your demonstrator,

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